Bioresource Information Division


Bioresource Information Division

 Bioresource Information Division

Kaoru FUKAMI, Ph.D.


The Bioresource Information Division collects information on the whereabouts and characteristics of bioresources preserved in RIKEN BRC, constructs databases, and offers bioresource information to research communities in the form of “bio-digital-contents” such as web-based catalogs, in cooperation with the BioResource Divisions.By disseminating information necessary for selecting and utilizing the bioresources suitable for respective research purposes, the Bioresource Information Division contributes to the advancement of life science.

Development of Technology in 2016-2017

  1. Collection/management/distribution of bioresource information and development/ operation of databases (Fig.1)
    The Bioresource Information Division opens the newest information on the whereabouts and characteristics of BRC bioresources to the public on the internet in the form of bio-digital-contents such as web-based catalogs, which can be updated whenever necessary and can transmit large amounts of information.The web-based catalog is a database system with user-friendly search engines to retrieve bioresource suitable for each research purpose and to look up its characteristics and the necessary condition and procedure for ordering.
    In the 2016 fiscal year, following the previous fiscal year, the division supported for the BioResource Divisions to expand the system which works on the contents update of the web pages of each division.Concerning the hyperlink setting from other databases such as IMSR, NBRP and KEGG to the detailed pages of the web-based catalogs, the division increased the kinds of the bioresources equipped with the hyperlinks as well as the total number of the hyperlinks.The division also analyzed the number of accesses to BRC resources via those links and fed back the results to each BioResource division.In parallel with these developments, the division continually updated the web-based catalog data and provided the latest information to BRC users.
    The division also handles distribution information and user information of BRC bioresources.The distribution information and user information are important also for the grasp of BRC users and their needs. The division maintains a database system for performing the bioresource distribution.With the introduction of a prepayment system for overseas distribution fee, the division reviewed and revised the processing flow in this system in the 2016 fiscal year.The division also assisted distribution of mail news from each BioResource division to users by using the user information.
  2. Development of a musculoskeletal model of laboratory mouse
    To analyze motor functions of laboratory mice, the Bioresource Information Division develops a physics-based methodology.In the 2016 fiscal year, the division developed a method for estimation of muscle origin and insertion sites for the development of a laboratory mouse musculoskeletal model.The division is also working on development of tools to measure ground force reactions of mice.

Fig. 1 Flow Chart