BRC Annual Report(2003-2005)

BRC Annual Report(2003-2005) PDF
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Publisher’s Emblem 137MB
Contents 181KB
1. Preface(P1-5) 528KB
2. Organization(P6) 238KB
3. Overview(P7) 405KB
4. Activities(P8-14) 752KB
5. Committees of BRC(P15-20) 243KB
6. Progress Report  
    Department of Biological Systems(P21) 179KB
        Experimental Animal Division(P22-34) 739KB
        Experimental Plant Division(P35-43) 448KB
        Cell Engineering Division(P44-54) 844KB
        Gene Engineering Division(P55-67) 973KB
        Microbe Division/Japan Collection of Microorganisms(P68-85) 546KB
        Bioresource Information Division(P86-91) 633KB
    Bioresource Engineering Division(P92-102) 521KB
    Technology and Development Team for Mammalian Cellular Dynamics(P103-111) 537KB
    Technology and Development Team for BioSignal Program  
        Subteam for BioSignal Integration(P112-119) 739KB
        Subteam for Manipulation of Cell Fate(P120-128) 501KB
    Ishii Research Collaborative Group Molecular Genetics Laboratory(P129-133) 341KB
    Shinozaki Research Collaborative Group Plant Science Center, Gene Discovery Research Group(P134-150) 558KB
    Shiroishi Research Collaborative Group Functional Genomics Research Group(P151-158) 445KB
    Tsukuba Safety Center(P159-164) 361KB
7. Collaborative Research(P165-166)
 8. Joint Research with the Private Sector(P166-175)
 9. Commissioned Research(P175-176)
 10. Grants(P177-186)
 11. A Summary of Projects of Special Postdoctoral Research(P186)
 12. A Summary of Project of Junior Research Associate(P186-187)
13. Events(P188-196)
 14. International Exchange(P196-197)
 15. Visitors to BRC(P197-199)
 16. Facilities, Budget and Members(P200)
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