The 8th Japan-Sino-Korea Mouse Resource Workshop

Announcement of the 8th Japan-Sino-Korea Mouse Resource Workshop

Date:August 26(Mon) – 28(Wed), 2019
Venue:Moriwaki Hall, RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC), Tsukuba, Japan

“Precision Modelling of Human Diseases in Mice and Cell Resources”
We are very pleased to announce that RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC) will be hosting the 8th Japan-Sino-Korea Mouse Resource Workshop.
This workshop provides 2-day lecture and the final 1/2-day wet-hand training sessions in mouse genetics, genomics, pathology, and research updates on biological and medical research, as well as useful mouse and human iPS cell resource. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with prominent scientists from Nanjing University, Seoul National University, RIKEN BRC, and multiple leading research institutions in Asia and Australia.
Keynote speakers in the field of precision human disease modelling in mice and mouse stem cells will be invited to discuss new research innovations, technological developments and future research requirements.

Topics and models to be covered include: Mouse genetics and developmental biology, Mouse resource, genetic manipulation and phenotyping, Human disease models, Neuroscience research using mice, Human iPS cell resource for disease research, Models and techniques for metabolic disease research, Imaging technique and informatics.

Final program

Registration Fee:FREE
Application closed: Thank you very much for your application!!
If you have any questions please send an email directly to the organizer

Lunch, dinner, and refreshments during coffee breaks will be provided throughout the workshop.
This workshop is open to undergraduate or graduate students and young scientists who are interested in biological and/or medical research using mice.

 (A photo of 2018 meeting at MARC, Nanjing)

Lodging information

We truly appreciate if you book hotels around Tsukuba or other stations.
It takes about 30 min by bus from Tsukuba station to RIKEN BRC. For local travel information, please see our Travel Guide.
Limited number of accommodation (single room dormitory at RIKEN BRC) will be available for those from a long distance (e.g. from outside Kanto region). Please leave a comment when register if you would like to apply for using the dorm.

List of Hotels
OKURA Frontier Hotel Tsukuba
45 minutes from Akihabara station on the Tsukuba Express line, 2-minute walk from Tsukuba station.

【Direction to Riken】
We are arranging free hotel shuttle bus, however it depends on number of hotel guests.
When you will be staying at this hotel, please let us know.
If the number become less than 15 guests, we have to ask you to take the Tsuku bus, same as Daiwa Roynet Hotel.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tsukuba
45 minutes from Akihabara station on the Tsukuba Express line, 1-minute walk from Tsukuba station A 5 exit.

【Direction to Riken】
Tsuku Bus N-line (Southern shuttle) ¥300
Take the Tsuku bus N-line (Southern shuttle) at Tsukuba center bus terminal track 2, and get off at 11th stop “Rikagaku-kenkyusho”, which is in front of RIKEN.


N 01 / Tsukuba Center 7:50 8:20
N 11 / Rikagaku-kenkyusho(RIKEN) 8:15 8:45

Hotel New Takahashi
From JR Ushiku station: 15 minutes by bus, departing from Ushiku station west exit platform No.4.
From Tsukuba Express line Tsukuba station: 30 minutes by the same bus as above (Daiwa Roynet Hotel) to 12th stop “Makizono-chuo”.

【Direction to Riken】
8-minute walk.

■RIKEN Dormitory
Our dormitory does not offer any meals, so you might want to use coffee shop, restaurants and convenience store around.
There are no bathroom amenities like tooth brushes, shampoo, body soap, hair dryer and bathrobes.
You can access Wi-Fi at the lounge, but not able to connect in the rooms.